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SizCom Institute conducts chip level laptop repair course in Calicut, Diploma in Laptop Engineering for students as well as professionals who want to make a career in laptop service engineering. The course covers repair and servicing of all major brands of laptops, notebooks and netbooks. The laptop service training in calicut starts from basic topics and goes up to advanced chip level service of the laptop motherboard. The training is professional and covers all the necessary topics related to laptop repair. After completing the diploma in laptop repairing course, students can make a career either in India or Abroad. We ensure the quality of education for courses.Sizcom institute provides the best laptop chip level service course in calicut.DO you want to become an excellent laptop repair technician with valuable skills? Start Your Course Today from Sizcom institute Kozhikode. Sizcom provides you complete discipline about repairing laptops in an excellent manner. We know that, more employers are now wanting to hire technicians that have a excellent Computer/ Laptop hardware technology ideas from an accredited institution, or a diploma from a technical institute. Laptop repairing is a significant as well as high paid work you can attain in a short period of time with significant certification.Sizcom gives you best knowledge and makes you perfect at laptop repairing, providing all sorts of practical knowledge. Our course includes knowledge and skills in microcomputer installation, diagnosis, repair and networking. Sizcom also conduct special courses in electronics and electricity, application software and internet subjects. We help you to develop and maintain company network technology, debug issues, resolve server and computer problems, and identify viruses that cause problems for network users along with laptop repair courses. Sizcom provides training that starts from basic topics and goes up to advanced chip level service in a systematic order for the convenience of our students. We are well equipped with all facilities including well trained trainers to provide all kind of practical and theoretical knowledge in laptop repairing.


Best Laptop Repairing Course in Calicut
  • How to use various laptop repair tools
  • Assembling of various models of laptops
  • Detailed study of parts inside a laptop
  • Installation of software and drivers
  • Study of different types of motherboard
  • BIOS configuration
  • Testing of laptop parts
  • Soldering and desoldering
  • Installing RAM, HDD, processor
  • Upgrading RAM, HDD, processor.
  • Replacing faulty hinges
  • Study of different types of ICs
  • Installation of Operating System.
  • Replacing parts, flex cables LCDs
  • Chip level repair of the motherboard



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Your quest for a suitable laptop institute in Kozhikode ends here! We assure you a reliable laptop service course in Calicut, for we have got a legacy of providing chip level laptop repairing courses in Kozhikode for more than a decade. We conduct a short-term laptop chip level repairing course in Calicut, which is quite essential for one to learn if he wishes to have a career in the laptop service industry. Through our laptop chip level repairing course in Calicut, you can learn every bit of skills and techniques to handle issues pertaining to laptops of different kinds. Sizcom laptop repairing training center in Calicut emphasizes more on practical training so that students develop their skills in various aspects of servicing.


No.1 Laptop Repairing Training Institute in Calicut
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  • How to remove and fix all types of port ,connector, slot, socket Like -VGA Port, USB Port, ps2 port, sata connector, cmos battery
  • How to fix all motherboard components like- Resistor,capacitor, transistor, mosfet, crystal, coil, diode, fuse etc.
  • How to remove all electronics components on motherboard easily
  • How to remove and fix all types of ic/chip from motherboard
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laptop-repair-training institute in calicut kozhikode
    • Volt in section
    • Step down section
    • Vrm section
    • Ram section
    • Chip section
    • Battery section
    • Input & Output section
    • Bios section
    • Lan section
    • Sound section
    • Usb section
    • Vga section
    • Sata section
    • 3.3v , 5v , 2.5v section
    • 1.2v, 1.8v, 1.5v, section
    • Odd section & Fan section
    • Lvds section
    • Keyboard & Touch pad
    • Clock generator section
    • Wi-Fi section


A laptop, often called a notebook, is a small, portable personal computer with a clamshell form factor, typically having a thin LCD or LED computer screen mounted on the inside of the upper lid of the clamshell and an alphanumeric keyboard on the inside of the lower lid.

Flat-tip screwdrivers, Screw Driver Kit, Laptop Casing Opener, Nose Pliers, Cutter, Electric Screw Driver, Tweezer, Anti-Static Wrist Band, PCB Cleaning Brush & etc are some of the commonly used hardware tools.

The motherboard is the main component of any branded or assembled PC, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone. AT motherboards, ATX motherboards are the two commonly found motherboards functioning efficiently.

BGA Rework Machine, Rebilling Kits, Infrared IC Heater, PCB Scanner, Oscilloscope [CRO], SMD IC Extractor, PTH DE soldering Machine, RCL Meter are the most advanced tools used.

PCMCIA cards are hardware interfaces that are slightly bigger than a standard credit card and enable additional functionality for laptop computers and portable devices.

AC adapter is a type of external power supply, often enclosed in a case similar to an ac plug Other common names include plug pack, plug-in adapter, adapter block, domestic mains adapter, line power adapter, wall wart, power brick, and power adapter

Two types of power section are system main power [step down] as well as a Battery power [charge and discharge]

Flat-tip screwdrivers, Screw Driver Kit, Laptop Casing Opener, Nose Pliers, Cutter, Electric Screw Driver, Tweezer, Anti-Static Wrist Band, PCB Cleaning Brush & etc are some of the commonly used hardware tools.


Laptop Chip Level Repairing Course in Calicut
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