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By Admin     |     Oct  23/2018

GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOLS is used to check and maintain the websites performance. This is a free tool used by the website admin which enables them to monitor the websites execution, recognize the issues. GWT verifies whether Google is able to access the content on your website. It also enables to submit new pages to the website, and also remove the content that the users needn't see in the search engine. It also helps the admin to discover and get rid of the malwares found in the page.
The other advantages of using Webmaster tools is that how the search engines see your site. and checks if all the pages are crawled and what searches are creating the traffic in the website, checks if there are any broken links or other errors. Most of the people use their mobile for the searching process so this tool helps you to evaluate how the website is performing on the phones.
How does GWT works?
1. Login with an authorized Gmail id else sign up a new account.
2. Add an URL - to verify you must be the admin of the webpage to confirm that they have given the admin five options

A. Uploading an HTML file
B. Adding HTML tag
C. Selecting the provider of your domain
D. Use Google Analytics
E. Use Google Tag Manager
Choose one of these. I would prefer the admin to choose HTML tag, copy meta tag mentioned below the verification box in the sites home page. It should go in the head section before the body section then click verify.
3.Once its verified it will proceed to the dash board which gives a quick view of the sites information. Overview will be listed on the side from there we can opt for the old version of GWT or the new version of GWT.
4. The dash board contains different attributes showcasing the crawl errors, traffic, search analytics, search appearances, Google index, security issues , web tools of that particular website which was mentioned earlier.

Linking between Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Google Analytics (GA) and Google search console (GSC) might look like same , but both have its own aspects. GA is about who visited your site, how long they are using it . Whereas GSC is more about the internal information. Who is linking to your site, which keyword leads to your site, is there any kind of malware or problem to your site.
Both seems to show same type of results, but the result might not be same in both places.
The Errors and malwares are shown under Crawl as follows
1.Crawl Errors : crawling is a process of finding newly added pages or contents to the webpage while doing so when the search engine fails to reach a page. our main aim is to that the Googlebot can get all pages on site. failure of this process is called Crawl error. This will be detected and shown in this section.
2.Crawl Stats : The statistics of how much crawling has been done per day.
3.Fetch as Google : It helps to see whether Googlebot can access a page on your site, how it renders the page, and whether any page resources are blocked to Googlebot. Fetch as Google simulates a crawl and render execution as done in Google's normal crawling and rendering process, and is useful for debugging crawl issues on your site.
4.Robot.Txt Tester : Is used to check if any URL is blocked, which statement is blocking it. Googlebot would to checks the robots.txt file and verifies that the URL has been blocked properly.
5.Sitemaps : The information's like how your site is organized and what type of content is available are given to search engines. Sitemap include informations like how often the site is updated.
6.URL Parameters : The main role of URL parameters is to provide ways to prevent crawling of duplicate content on the site.
By using this GWT we can get the complete idea of our website. we can know how the site is executed, recognize the issues and get rid of the contents that is not needed to crawl.
The GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER is used to build keywords that is used for the PPC campaigns. It is a combination of Google keyword tool and AdWords Traffic Estimator the two most popular former AdWords tools.
One important thing that makes your website come first is by the contents in it. So as an admin of the website you will need to find out what makes this possible. Content plays a major role in this.
But just anything in the content would make it possible?? Think!!
No, Right?
So here we have to understand what are the search words or the keywords used by users to reach that particular product or service there comes in our help these tools. By using these tools we can easily find out the keywords used by users.
It is simple to create an account, if you already have an AdWords account then the usage of Keyword planner. Else you need to create an account with your Google account.
You are asked to setup an AdWord campaign, you can access without the campaign also just click on the START USING KEYWORD PLANNER. when the sign up screen comes click on "Skip the guided setup". Enter the email, country, time zone and country. this is supposed to be prefilled "click save and continue". Next you will be taken to AdWords / Google Ads " Campaign Overviews. in Menu bar you will find

Tools-->Planning -->Keyword planner.

click on that.Two options will appear on the screen.
1. Get search volume and forecasts: This helps you to see the historical metrics for the keyword also shows the forecast how it might perform in future.
2. Find keywords : helps you to get the keywords used by people to get that particular product/service. It gives an option to “Enter words, phrases, or a URL related to your business. "once you enter this a list targeting on the options which you have mentioned earlier like Location, language, Google or other search networks.
You can compare the keywords based on seasonality or during a certain period. you can identify potential keyword topics by entering the website of your competitors and searching for keywords by theme. Wikipedia can help you get the most strong keywords. Once you enter the URL/ phrases you will get the result you will get lots of keywords. You have the options to add or exclude certain keywords. for eg :- you might not want to see certain keywords that have low search or you might want to add the keywords that show high priority. so you have option to show you the keyword with Low, Medium, High in competition.
This is one of the best keyword analyzer tools that is commonly used by the digital marketing team.


Is a free web analytic service which is used to track and analyze the visitors to our website. Google Analytics helps you to know how many visitors have turned in to customers. It also gives you an idea about how your website is performing and what should be done to meet the goals. GA allows you to get the following information's: How many people visit the webpage, their location, Is it mobile friendly, Which page is visited mostly by the people, What should be done to improve the website speed.
Below are the steps involved in using Google Analytics:
1.   Sign in with your Google account fill in with information - account name, website name, URL, industry, time zone and data sharing settings. Click on Get Tracking ID and finish the process.
2.   Tracking code is pasted to all pages that you wish to track account to the type of website you have. To do that copy, paste the code directly to your website template.
3.   Next you need to do a small setting ie; the goal settings. Click on the new goal button. You can choose the custom option or can use already mentioned options in the list. Then click NEXT button, you can enter a Thank you or confirmation message next to "Begins with. You can choose up to 20 goal setups.
4.   Setup site search : This is for search box on the website itself. Click on view setting > Scroll down to see site settings and toggle it to on.
5.   If you want to add a new Google Analytics account, you can add additional account and properties. Go to Admin Menu > Create new account link.
6.   Now the accounts are setup you can view the GA data. You can view the audience overview report. The access is got by clicking on the reporting links at the top.
7.   In the report you can view your data according to data range.
8.   Audience overview graph will give the number of sessions for a particular day or between two days. Below the graph you can see reports listed according to top ten language, countries, cities, browser, Operating System, service provider and screen resolutions of visitors. You can choose just one or all of the options.
9.   Reports : There are various reports for the GA reporting systems
a.   Audience Report : It gives information about everything you want to know about the visitor like age, gender, location, language, behavior (how often they visit the website), technology used to visit the website.
b.   Acquisition Report : The traffic to the website is mentioned in this report by the channel used, medium, social network, SEO.
c.   Behavior Report : This gives idea about the contents in each page like all pages of website, landing page, exit page, search terms from the site search, the speed of the website.
d.   Conversions : You can see how many conversions the website has received. from overview, URL, reverse goal path.
GA is used for all types of websites. one of the great drawback that the visitors face is with privacy issues with their facebook and Twitter account. When they visit the website the information's are collected through GA dashboard. Still as an admin it creates lots of advantages like the visitor flow can be analyzed and keep a track.

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